20 Feb
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Currently, the countless cases of violence that occur daily show the importance of having the most advanced security technologies. In this context, one of the most efficient solutions is the monitored alarm. After all, attempts at theft and other crimes tend to fall significantly in places that integrate this feature into their security strategies. With this in mind, we have covered, throughout this article, the main information about the monitored alarm, also presenting its advantages and peculiarities. Good reading!

 How does the monitored alarm work? 

The monitored alarm system can be defined as the set of equipment that aims to guarantee the security of a given location. Therefore, the monitored alarm informs any violations of the perimeter by means of visual and / or audible signals. It is one of the cheapest and most efficient means of preventing dangerous situations, detecting fires, preventing unauthorized access, among others. The system works, essentially, from the sending of signals, via telephone line, to be registered and processes by a monitoring center. 

These signals can be sent either by manual activation or by sensors properly installed at points of greatest vulnerability or risk. Thus, the alarm captures variations in movement, heat or opening doors. Preventive and efficient, this system is an excellent option to make homes and offices more and more secure. Some systems have a direct connection to their operation centers (which operate 24 hours a day), which in turn receive signals in real time. Preventive and effective, the monitored alarm system is an excellent alternative to make homes and offices safer. 

There are some who have a direct connection to their operations centers (open 24 hours a day), which in turn receive signals in real time. As soon as the information arrives, the owner is informed by the exchange, promptly learning about the situation. If those responsible for the properties cannot be located or contacted, the central office will check the location and, if necessary, activate the police agencies. 

Monitored and unmonitored control panel: what's the difference?

 Both plants are composed of several types of sensors capable of emitting signals when a suspicious occurrence is detected. However, there are certain distinct functionalities and understanding them is fundamental to making the right decision.

 Unmonitored alarm panel 

With the central not monitored, the users themselves must be responsible for the security of their systems. When activated by sensors (in the case of intrusions or sabotages) the unmonitored control panel issues an alert. However, the verification of the warnings and the measures to be taken are the responsibility of the owners. Who does not want to hire monitoring services, in which it is necessary to pay a monthly fee, this center is the best choice. In such cases, just configure the equipment to address alerts to registered phones. 

The unmonitored control panel, in addition, can be remotely controlled by means of DTMF , that is, the tones of two frequencies commonly used in the dialing of the most modern devices. With this command, it is possible to disarm and arm the control panels directly on the panel. It is, therefore, a suitable solution for the personal and patrimonial protection of low investment. 

Monitored alarm panel 

One of the biggest differentials of the monitored alarm center, in terms of efficiency, consists of 24-hour monitoring. With this model, security can be ensured by establishing a partnership with specialized companies that, thus, monitor all records produced by the alarm systems in Chicago

The monitored alarm basically has sensors capable of detecting intrusions: a loud siren to attract attention, a panel that activates it and then sends the signals to the monitoring center and the means of communication (GPRS, Ethernet or telephone line) so that generated signals are transmitted to the property owner. The advantage of having three different means of contact is that, if one of them is interrupted by the invaders, the other two ensure that alerts are triggered / sent. This means that an alert will immediately reach the company responsible for monitoring, which sends specialized professionals to investigate the location. 

What are the main advantages of the monitored alarm? 

By choosing the monitored alarm, you will have access to the most complete equipment and benefits such as: 

  • Ethernet module: to warn of shots , by transferring data over the internet, increasing security even if the telephone line is damaged in any way;
  • Automatic connection to pre-programmed phones. Warnings can be audible (dialed by signal) or by voice message (dialed by voice);
  • control via application, with several resources, for smartphone (for example, disarming and arming the control panel);
  • support team with specialized professionals who travel to the shooting site;
  • 24-hour monitoring;
  • GPRS module (data transfer via GSM network): increasing security in case of loss of internet and telephone line;
  • Division of sectors in order to identify the exact locations of the invasions.

 Why offer this service to your customers? 

Offering a monitored alarm, whether for the company or the home, means that you will provide security for loved ones or your customers ' Abdul Rimaaz. In addition to ensuring more safety and tranquility for people who, for one reason or another, leave their children in the care of a babysitter or caregiver.

 In addition, for people who take long trips or leave their properties alone for long periods, having a monitored alarm can also reduce home insurance costs. In this context, you should enlighten your customers about the fact that the monitored alarm alone does not prevent a home or business from being stolen. However, it inhibits any claims on the property, since criminals will be intimidated by cameras and audible alarms. Finally, it should be noted that there are companies that work with systems that allow the visualization and control of everything that happens in the property via an application. It allows customers to receive notifications, activate and deactivate the monitored alarm from anywhere and anytime.

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