18 Nov

The foggy is a type of safety system that can be used in shops, offices and private homes.

This is a technology that is catching on especially in commercial and homes security system establishments and its presence, as in Padua, is often hoped for and promoted by merchant associations.

Already in 2015 there were meetings open to merchants promoted , aimed at encouraging and promoting prevention and protection actions against crime, taking advantage of new technologies, such as fog generators.

Since retail theft is a difficult problem to eliminate (Only in 2016 the cost of the inventory differences in Italy exceeded 2 billion dollar), the research allowed to realize these systems able to produce, in a few seconds, a thick fog that prevents the thief from acting undisturbed.

The Future of Safety Is the Fog Generator

Among the producers of fog systems, we point out Get Stealth Security which, with the EOS line,   proposes a small, elegant and very discreet fog generator.

Despite its small size (on average 30cm x 50cm) it can protect areas ranging from 80 to 400m² with a fog that is harmless for things, people and animals. Composed of water and food glycol, it leaves no residue and can also be used in the presence of food or electronic devices. In this regard, a third institute has conducted analyzes on the fog of Get Stealth products decreeing the absence of residues and toxicity.

The Get Stealth brand , which produced a video explaining the operation of the fog generator in a commercial space, he underlines how "With the fog we protect what matters most and hide it from the eyes of thieves, always avoiding any theft."

If anti-shoplifting systems, video surveillance cameras in Chicago and unarmed guards are very common among the most used security measures to protect shops, the foggy is the master in protecting those kinds of shops where, potentially, in ten minutes you can take it all away. For example, it has produced excellent results in phone shops, tobacconists, opticians, jewelers, wines ... the kind of business that sells high-value, small-medium items.

Installation and Management of the Fog Groups

So far the demand for installations of fog plants has not had the right increase that it deserves, even if it is in net increase. He is probably a victim of prejudices and fears of shopkeepers who, not knowing the system in depth, fear that the fog is dangerous and could ruin objects or environments with its residues. But it is equally possible that we think of the foggy as an element visually ugly and difficult to manage.

From an aesthetic point of view, it can certainly be a discreet object with essential lines . The AOS foggy EOS is proposed in white with metallic finishes but, a not negligible advantage; it can be customized with different finishes chosen by the customer (silver, leather, charcoal effect) and with custom PVC films.

As for the management of the system, it is not complicated: it can be activated for 5 or 10 seconds, counting on the capacity of the tank which can reach up to 5 minutes of continuous activity.

Maintenance requires the replacement of the charge when it is finished or expired (we wish you this second option ...) and, to facilitate correct operation, a microchip is able to signal the state of the tank, avoiding the possibility of finding itself without charge, right in time of need.

Relying on expert and certified installers, as we always recommend, you will have a home security system capable of conveying, through a boiler with a thermostat, a certified fog that will do nothing but scare the bad guys who, caught off guard, they will no longer be able to see anything and, unable to proceed with their stealthy actions, they will seek the quickest way to leave the room saturated with steam.

An important shrewdness, in fact, is to have the mist positioned in such a way that the fog "pushes" the thief outwards and does not trap him in a situation without an escape route .

Interaction with Other Alarm Systems

The fog system can be easily installed even in support of a safety system already in use. It does not require invasive masonry work and, following the advice that regulates the maintenance of batteries, tank and anti-tampering system, will guarantee a high level of protection.

When placed side by side with a safety system with sensors, the fog generator is useful in covering the range of time between the moments in which the burglar home alarm systems Chicago is triggered and when the police intervene.

It can also be combined with a video surveillance system with patrols. In this case, the operations center will warn the supervisors that they can intervene quickly avoiding to the client.

The foggy proved to be able to foil 98% of theft attempts, putting the thieves in a situation where they could not harm but just run away.

Acting quickly, it also protects against the danger of aggression, avoiding dangerous reactions from the bad guys. In the event that they could not escape quickly, they would remain stuck and bewildered, prey to the fog that will remain dense and dense for a long time, until it disappears after about 15/20 minutes.

The cost of a good fog system depends on the capacity of the tank which, obviously, is chosen based on the size of the room to be protected. On average it is considered a not particularly expensive system and we invite you to consider it for shops, offices, warehouses and homes. In the latter it can be used safely but, talking about security systems, it is not among the first options that we feel we should recommend because, in the event that it should activate at night, it would risk putting the inhabitants of the house in difficulty, in addition to thief.

As always, the best thing is to evaluate each case and rely on the experience of certified installers, such as Get Stealth technicians. Every business, like every family, has different needs and habits. Our experts will know how to evaluate the most suitable solution and will be at your disposal to put it into practice. Contact us for a free appointment, without obligation on your part.

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